Off Stage

Neil, Marcus, Wes, Kenny and ever persistent manager Emmit are SANE, the first punk band to rise to stardom after a devastating purge of rock and roll decades before. With no need for your opinion and no regard for the rules, they find themselves turning tables and heads as they make their riotous mark on a deprived nation. - OFF STAGE




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the punks will eat!


It’s 2058, decades following a devastating social revolution against rock n’roll, purging it and similar “extreme” medias from society entirely. Yet, amid ever growing income disparity and the most mind-numbing main stream culture possible, riotous punk band SANE unexpectedly rise to stardom, “flooding tha stream” with their raw, old, explicit and forgotten sounds. 

Now back home in cloudy Talol following their first national tour, the band stays set on causing chaos, smashing empties and generally fucking off, while remaining resistant to every demand and deadline of the powerful label that signed them.

Try to keep up as our heroes stumble their way through public brawls, constant label demands, raging parties, roster changes, missed release dates, cancelled tours, traumatic loss, and a litany of other self induced horror with OFF STAGE.

And remember, take nothing for granted...

Above: "Flood Tha Stream!" SANE 2058 debut album cover. 

Pictured above left to right is SANE: Wes (Nick Palmieri), Kenny (Bryley Bell), Neil (Cameron Lee Price), Marcus (Kyle Love) and manager Emmit (Orion Bradshaw).


Cameron Lee Price - Neil Wesker: Frontman / Rhythm Guitar / Lead Songwriter

Kyle Love - Marcus Freeman: Lead Guitar / Lead Composer

Nick Palmieri - Wes Borland: Bass Guitar

Bryley Bell - Kenny Kirkmond: Drums


Orion Bradshaw - Emmit Rand: Band Manager

Megean McBride  - Chloe Davis: Bartender / Badass

Greg Delaney - Oliver Gnash: Producer

Production team

David Rivard - Creator / Writer / Executive Producer / Director of Photography

Joseph (Joe) Fairey - Executive Producer

Megean McBride - Promotion / Marketing / Associate Producer

Derek Atkins - Director / Associate Producer

Billy Miller - Assistant Director / Associate Producer