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meet Tha Team

Who is Already lost?

Emerging from the damp streets of Tacoma WA is Already Lost Studios, a small team of passionate, talented creatives working together to create real art for the sake of art. Expression without regard to the standard or catering to a market. With a focus on film, this studio also bleeds into the fields of music, design and various other media as it works with fellow artists to create and share new, potentially challenging content.

Already Lost holds firm inspiration in our projects by maintaining a sense of art through strong storytelling, interesting cinematography and thought provoking content. Armed with an incredible team of actors and artists from here in the great North-West and support from local musicians and businesses we strive to enhance the growing spirit of Tacoma's art community as we create and promote content we value. Hopefully you'll dig it too.

Check out "Off Stage," our debut web series, follow us on instagram, facebook or twitter, subscribe to our youtube, or whatever. We aim to keep our content as accessible as possible to you.

Contact Us

970-361-7278 / rivard@alreadyloststudios.com

970-623-6014 / joefairey@alreadyloststudios.com

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David Rivard:

Co-Founder / Creative Lead / Executive Producer

Joseph (Joe) Fairey:

Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Megean McBride: 

Promotion / Marketing / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)

Derek Atkins: Director / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)

Billy Miller: Assistant Director / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)