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Who is Already lost?

Based in defiant Tacoma Washington,  Already Lost Studios formed to produce independant film with the pursuit of pointed storytelling and an artistic approach. As a team of local creatives with varied talents, the company extends its reach into design, music and more to bring inspired ideas to life.


Not looking to settle into the norm or add to an oversaturated market, the projects brought about by AL Studios contain edgy elements, complicated characters, and challenging concepts. We retain the belief that media can and should be thought provoking while entertaining and relatable. We’re excited to make content we’ve been waiting to see, and hope you dig it too.

Check out the debut web series, "Off Stage," follow us on instagram, facebook twitter, subscribe to our youtube channel, whatever you prefer to stay in touch with our content and promotions. We aim to keep our content as accessible as possible.

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David Rivard:

Co-Founder / Creative Lead / Executive Producer

Joseph (Joe) Fairey:

Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Megean McBride: 

Promotion / Marketing / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)

Derek Atkins: Director / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)

Billy Miller: Assistant Director / Associate Producer

(Off Stage)